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Yellow/Pear Ceramic Ripple Pot Planter with Drip Plate

Yellow/Pear Ceramic Ripple Pot Planter with Drip Plate

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Elevate your indoor garden with our Handmade Color Block Ripple Pots, where each pot features a captivating ripple pattern that adds movement and color to your space. These high-quality ceramic planters not only serve as unique focal points but also provide an ideal environment for your houseplants to flourish in style.

Small: 3.25 in. Diameter Rim, 3 in. tall, Small Tray: 3.75 in Diameter, .75 in tall
Medium: 5.25 in. Diameter Rim, 4.5 in. tall, Medium Tray; 5.75 in Diameter, 1.25 in tall

Each individual piece was thrown on the pottery wheel in small-batch production. Castoe Pots strives to throw each piece as identical as possible, but the nature of handmade pottery ensures slight variations in size, thickness of the rim, and glaze lightness or darkness.

Handmade in Indianapolis, IN

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