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16 oz. Stoneware Thumblers

16 oz. Stoneware Thumblers

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Thumblers by Castoe Pots - 16 oz.
Handmade Ceramic Tumbler with Thumb Dimple for Hot and Cold Drinks

Made with two different clay bodies (a blonde speckled reclaim and Kentucky Mudworks Brown Bear), these handmade ceramic tumblers are the perfect everyday cup for your home. Designed to ergonomically fit into the palm of your hand, Jenni Castoe decided to leave her throwing lines (something she rarely does on the outside of her pots) and indent the sides with her own thumb.

Each individual piece was thrown on the pottery wheel in small-batch production. Castoe Pots strives to throw each piece as identical as possible, but the nature of handmade pottery ensures slight variations in size, thickness of the rim, and glaze lightness or darkness.

Height: Approx. 4.5 in. (Cream and Green is about a quarter inch shorter due to differences in clay body shrinkage
Rim Diameter: Approx. 3.5 in.

Handmade in Indianapolis, IN
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