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Castoe Pots Belly Mug - Approx. 15 oz.

Castoe Pots Belly Mug - Approx. 15 oz.

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Castoe Pots Belly Mug - 14-16 oz.

Calling all mug huggers! Who doesn't love to warm their hands on a nice round handmade mug? This mug is made for the hand hug (whoops, didn't mean to rhyme). The Belly Mug series is a Castoe Pots best-seller, and make great gift for others, and of course, yourself.

Each individual piece was thrown on the pottery wheel in small-batch production. Castoe Pots strives to throw each piece as identical as possible, but the nature of handmade pottery ensures slight variations in size, thickness of the rim, and glaze lightness or darkness.

Height: Approx. 3.5
Rim Diameter: Approx. 3.5 in.

Handmade in Indianapolis, IN
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