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Wheel-Thrown Ceramic Pipes in Blue Moon

Wheel-Thrown Ceramic Pipes in Blue Moon

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Wheel-Thrown Ceramic Pipes in Blue Moon by Castoe Pots
Complete with Carb Hole on Left Side

These ceramic pipes are skillfully thrown upside-down on the pottery wheel, then sculpted, trimmed, and finished by hand. Complete with a carb hole on the left side, a comfortable hold, and flattened back for stability, these modern bowls serve as excellent gifts to any smoker.

Each individual piece was thrown on the pottery wheel in small-batch production. Castoe Pots strives to throw each piece as identical as possible, but the nature of handmade pottery ensures slight variations in size, thickness of the rim, and glaze lightness or darkness.

Washing Instructions from our friends at House of Puff:
"If youre as fond of ceramic pipes as we are, its important to clean them gently to keep the glaze from cracking or crazing. Heres the safestand fastestway to do it. Just soak a cotton ball/swab with rubbing alcohol. Then, gently rub the soot and resin off your pipe... After you finish with the rubbing alcohol, rinse your pipe thoroughly under warm water to remove any lingering medicinal taste or smell."

Approx. 3.5 in tall

Handmade in Indianapolis, IN
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