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Blue Moon Belly Mugs - 16 oz.

Blue Moon Belly Mugs - 16 oz.

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Blue Moon Belly Mugs - 16 oz.

A signature Castoe Pots design, the best-selling blue moon series incorporates founder Jenni Castoe's love for simple, geometric patterns and nature inspired concepts, all while giving a lesson in glaze chemistry. The bright blue of the moons is only made possible when the black and cream glazes overlap, and to display this, Jenni left the butt of the mug bare of cream glaze, leaving a horizon for the moons to rise or set.

Each individual mug was thrown on the pottery wheel in small-batch production. Castoe Pots strives to throw each piece as identical as possible, but the nature of handmade pottery ensures slight variations in size, thickness of the rim, and glaze lightness or darkness.

Height: 3.25 in. - 3.75 in.
Rim Diameter: Approx. 3.5 in.

Holds approximately 16 oz.

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

Handmade in Indianapolis, IN
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